Startup Manager for pureMVC

I wrote an asset loader in actionscript 2 with John Grden and Chris Allen called fling that was the beginning of flash for spring.  Of course we got too busy and it stayed as an asset loader, which I actually used in many projects.  In Actionscript 3 I've used a bulk loader that is now on Google code with success but I have to jump through a few hoops to make it work with PureMVC.  Along comes a new utility for PureMVC called the Startup Manager that manages proxies and the status and dependencies of loaded assets.  I haven't dug into it enough yet to see how deep it goes, for example it doesn't encapsulate the asset loaders required to load different types of assets like bulk loaders do, but maybe these things can be added over time.  I'll be using it for our sites portfolio component so once its ready, post my findings.

1/22/09 - update

So I've implemented it in our Portfolio project, so far I like it but it doesn't address a complete startup.  What we do is we parse our portfolio.xml that has links, images, projects descriptions etc.  Once its loaded that, it needs to load the thumbnails for projects and then if someone selects a project it loads the full size images.  So what I need to do is load all the thumbs so they are "ready" but defer loading of the large images until needed.  The startup manager helps in terms of making the AssetLoaderProxy dependent on the SiteXMLDataProxy, however we still need a bulk loader to actually load the graphical assets.  Once I finish and get a solution I like, I'll post the results, but i'd like to see the start-up manager include some extensions for asset loading.

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Grant Davies
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