Coveo For Sitecore Free Edition Released

Yesterday, Coveo announced they were releasing a free edition of their Coveo for Sitecore product.  This a huge play by Coveo, who is hoping to tap into the growing demands for Enterprise Search.  Also, Sitecore 7 introduced some expanded search capabilities and Coveo is well positioned to take advantage of and expand upon them.  But the real question is, why should you care?

  • If you have been considering an Enterprise Search platform like Coveo but the cost of entry has forced you to focus on other priorities, this is a great opportunity to see how Coveo stands out from the crowd.
  • Coveo for Sitecore edition isn't simply a Google CSE replacement. It actually allows non-technical marketers to drop in customized search components throughout the site using the Sitecore interface.
  • Includes customizeable, responsive templates which should make implementing it relatively easy.

A few things you should know:

  • First, Coveo for Sitecore requires Sitecore 7.x.  
  • You need to register/signup to access the free download.
  • Coveo itself, does not require Sitecore at all - though as of now there is no free edition of the standalone Coveo platform.

Finally, something a lot of other posts will gloss over, is that the free edition is not a free copy of Coveo with all its capabilities.  The free edition does not appear to include a number of features that also help Coveo stand out from the crowd, such as its spidering, custom result weighting for relevance and even its numerous connectors.  The free edition also does not include its integration with Sitecore's experience database for content and layout personalization.  Lastly, if you want to use the analytics dashboard, that requires a support plan subscription.

Don't let these limitations stop you from taking advantage of this opportunity.  Coveo's free edition is still superior to Lucene, Solr, or Google's implementations in most instances, and the free edition should help drive exposure to its capabilities.

Interested in learning more about Coveo and Enterprise Search?  Visit Bluetube's Coveo Platform Solution page to find out how we have helped organizations like yours engage their visitors and navigate their volumes of web data.  

You can also learn more about Coveo for Sitecore, including its features from the Coveo website.

Lastly, if you are looking for the link to register and download the free edition: Coveo for Sitecore Free Edition Download

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Posted by Jonathan Chen