Still On Sitecore 6? You Should Be Worried - Here's Why

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This year Sitecore has quietly rolled out a new Product Support Lifecycle program, and it contains big news for organizations running Sitecore 5.X and Sitecore 6.X.

The Product Support Lifecycle program established a time-based cycle, so within a certain timeframe from the release of a new Sitecore version, the mainstream support will end.

For large enterprises that are still running Sitecore 6.X, the Product Support Lifecycle program has some pretty concerning news.

Mainstream Support for Almost All Versions of Sitecore 6 Is Over

On December 31, 2015, mainstream support for all versions of Sitecore 6, including 6.6, is over. This is pretty significant, since mainstream support covers errors or unexpected behavior, product defects, patches or hotfixes

In addition, support has already ended for any version of 6.x that is not 6.6. That means if you are running 6.5 or earlier you are already out of support.


 Sitecore Versions Table


You can see a complete list and details of the Product Support Lifecycle, including other Sitecore products such as Commerce Server, Intranet Portal, and more by clicking here.

If you do need support in any of these areas, you ultimately have two options:

  1. Pay Sitecore support if you need assistance
  2. Upgrade to a newer version of Sitecore (recommended)

The good news is that Sitecore will continue to provide production incident support and documentation for at least another three years.

If you are currently on Sitecore 7, or if you upgrade to a version of Sitecore 7 that is lower than 7.2, you may also want to start planning. Support for Sitecore 7.0 and 7.1 ends in 2016.

Now is a great time to upgrade to Sitecore 8. And if you haven’t implemented Sitecore OMS/DMS/xDB, your upgrade path may be even easier. However, if you are one of the rare organizations not licensed for Sitecore’s marketing and personalization platform, you may want to discuss with an experienced partner some additional undocumented risks.

If you need guidance through this process, feel free to contact us for support.

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