The Stages of Digital Ticketing Maturity

The Stages of Digital Ticketing Maturity Image


As recently as five years ago it was acceptable to sell only physically printed tickets. But as buyers become increasingly tied to mobile devices, expectations are maturing, regardless of the demographic.

To keep up with this change, an organization must likewise mature its offerings. But to stay ahead of this change, organizations must take advantage of the fantastic opportunity digital ticketing provides to drive new engagement, develop new insights and reduce operating costs.

Fifty percent (50%) of all tickets sold now are digital. Sports and airline industries are driving the trend and it’s filtering down to more traditional industries.

But digital ticketing isn’t just about how your tickets are bought, it’s also about how tickets are delivered.

The majority of digital ticketing is happening on mobile devices, meaning that customers are buying and redeeming more tickets on mobile devices.

As more and more people continue to move to this method, it becomes important to plan for the adoption of digital ticketing across non-technical demographics. This represents a huge shift for an organization, and your digital ticket maturity level becomes vital.

So how mature is your digital ticketing? Do you attach a PDF of a printed ticket to your emails and feel you have digital ticketing covered? You may be surprised to know that you are only scratching the surface of digital ticketing. See our model below to find out where you stand.

Digital Ticketing Maturity 

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Digital ticketing maturity is broken up into four categories of implementation, and five levels of maturity. Here is our explanation of the categories.


At the core of digital ticketing maturity is the delivery method. An email with an attached PDF ticket sent following checkout is how most organizations establish themselves in the realm of digital ticketing. Superior to physical tickets, this represents the beginning.

The next step is often embedding tickets directly in an email, creating easier consumption on mobile devices.

As your organization matures, you can begin to offer tickets in real-time, attached to customers’ accounts and pushed directly to mobile devices within an application or into the wallet applications available on iOS.


Where and how your customers access their tickets is the next category. At its basic level, tickets are provided following a purchase. But making tickets easily accessible at any point during the process represents a completely mature digital ticketing implementation. This may be a self-service reprint option, real-time availability on mobile devices, or access within an application or digital wallet.


One of the largest benefits of a mature digital ticketing strategy isn’t just the added convenience to the customer, but the potential opportunity to the organization.

Digital ticketing creates space for new forms of engagement, including upgraded features, usage tracking, utilization of a new marketing platform, and insights.

One of the best features for smart marketing organizations is engaging not just with the purchaser but with ALL consumers of digital tickets. This involves making tickets “shareable” – the goal here is that a buyer of multiple tickets may be doing so for attendees who are not part of their household. In a physical ticket world, you never know who they are. With a “shared” ticket you can develop a direct relationship with all attendees, not just purchasers.

Ticket transfer takes this a step further by bringing in those additional attendees with direct accounts, opening up new marketing opportunities.


Along with the engagement value, organizations can learn a lot about the movement and usage patterns of ticket buyers with digital tickets. Adoption of tickets, number of re-prints, and percentage of tickets that are consumed by other parties are all points of intelligence that can lead to new campaigns. At the most mature levels you can begin to get insights into locations – where and how your customers buy and redeem, giving you a chance to present contextually aware mobile offers.

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