Jackson Co.Pilot
Navigational App

The Jackson Co.Pilot app, a highly advanced mobile app, was designed to help users navigate around the Jackson Healthcare facilities.

With a clean and modern interface, users were able to search for directions throughout the Jackson Healthcare campus by way of office number, first and last name, or by facility (such as restroom, gym, cafeteria, etc). These step-by-step directions made it possible for visitors to find the exact office needed with ease. Finding and contacting employees was also made simpler with an employee list that provided phone numbers or emails straight from the app.

To encourage usage of the app, scannable QR codes were strategically placed throughout the facility. By introducing this virtual map with a nearly limitless amount of directional information to smartphone users, Jackson Healthcare was better able to ensure appointment start time and cut down on late appointments due to visitors getting lost.

  • Modern directory
  • Provided step-by-step directions
  • Cut down on late appointments and wait times

Platforms We Used