Mohawk Group

Mohawk Group needed a guide that could showcase only products that were available to ship within 24 hours. Without this capability, there was a large potential for a customer to choose a product on backorder, thus creating a frustrating and negative purchasing experience.

To keep customers happy and jobs on schedule, we built the Mohawk Ready to Ship web application. The website gives builders, retailers and wholesalers access to up-to-date product and availability information.

By pulling thousands of data points from multiple sources into a single reference guide, commercial clients are able to use Ready to Ship to search based on brand, style, size, footage, cost, etc. Users can drill down far enough to see the exact number of available units in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

Now, there is a lower risk of customers selecting a product that may not be available for a period of time.

  • Product availability guide updated in real-time
  • Pulls data from thousands of points across multiple sources
  • Clients can search brand, style, size and more