Kimberly-Clark Gemba
Mobile Sales Application

We created the Kimberly-Clark Gemba App as an enterprise field sales tool for the Kimberly-Clark hazard assessment team. The goal was to simplify the sales process while elevating customer engagement and providing an immediate solution to a customer's challenge.

The result was an app that automates the process of performing hazard assessments, empowers sales representatives with up-to-date product info, integrates with Kimberly-Clark's enterprise business systems, and functions "offline" at a customer site while synchronizing back to when the sales rep was back online.

The application enabled the Kimberly-Clark sales team to conduct on-site hazard assessments that translated into a solutions document for the business' safety manager. The assessment not only included identification of hazards, but also featured a process to determine the appropriate Kimberly-Clark personal protection equipment and products to manage the exposure. After purchasing decisions had been made, customers had the ability to export and email order files.

The Gemba app provided all of this information in a fun and interactive experience. Kimberly-Clark's sales team was able to allow the potential client to select areas of the body that could be exposed to dangerous hazards, offering a visualization of the risks and the products available to avoid them.

  • 600% increase in total revenue generated
  • All-in-one solution that resulted in 50% efficiency gained
  • Empowered sales reps saw a 150% increase in account size

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