Sea Tow
Mobile Application

Sea Tow's cross-platform mobile application for iPhone and Android was designed to be the ultimate mobile boating tool. The application was created for use before and during water excursions to make boating safer and more enjoyable by providing the confidence that help is just a click away.

An elegant and intuitive interface showcased tidal information and the weather forecast to help plan any boating trip. The Sea Tow mobile application featured an accurate compass, speedometer and current latitude/longitude for navigational assistance. The app also included a “night mode” graphic display to keep night vision sharp without disrupting navigational focus.

The Sea Tow mobile application provided boaters with the peace of mind that - should anything happen while boating - contacting Sea Tow for help is simply a swipe away. The app used the mobile phone's GPS feature to relay location information to Sea Tow for a fast and accurate response time, delivering the tools for a perfect and safe boating experience.

  • 100 International Locations
  • The app saw a 30% increase in online subscriptions in 2015
  • Offers immediate assistance and support to boaters 24 hours a day

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