Xamarin Insights: Analytics and Monitoring Webinar Recap

Xamarin Insights Webinar


In our latest webinar, “Maturing your Mobile App with Xamarin”, Grant Davies, CEO of Bluetube, Andres Castro, Certified Xamarin Developer, and Nate Rickard, Partner Success Engineer at Xamarin, compared traditional analytics and monitoring tools with the Xamarin tools available for the same purpose. Watch the recorded webinar below or continue reading to learn what you may not be taking advantage of.


Analytics and Monitoring

Analytics and monitoring tools capture similar data for very different purposes, but the line between the two is blurring. Analytics focuses on data that shows user behavior such as location, device and operating system, number of users, etc. Meanwhile, monitoring tools mainly focus on gathering performance data to capture issue details.

While Xamarin Insights has traditionally been treated as a monitoring tool, it’s becoming more analytics-like. When comparing Insights to Google Analytics, there are distinct advantages to each. For example, Xamarin Insights doesn’t have a time limit on data gathered, whereas Google Analytics will only queue offline data for four hours. However, Google Analytics still has the advantage of offering deeper data. Insights already has some significantly superior features to mainstream analytic tools, and as it continues to mature it will become a leader in the market.

When comparing Xamarin Insights to traditional monitoring tools like Raygun, there are many important similarities, but as Insights continues to mature, its abilities begin to eclipse Raygun. The most important feature of Xamarin Insights is that the metrics are geared towards a mobile platform, which allows the tool to be integrated and used easier than many traditional monitoring tools. 

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