About Grant Davies

Grant Davies, the Chief Executive Officer of Bluetube, has an extensive background in technology development and puts that knowledge to work for Bluetube's clients. Grant's goal is to implement thought leadership into every solution in order to help clients become more efficient, profitable, successful, and enjoyable. He has a passion for researching and predicting future technology trends which has been the foundation for the growth experienced by Bluetube. Under his leadership since 1999, Grant has been the driving force behind Bluetube's innovative and results-oriented solutions delivered to clients. Through hard work and creative thinking, Grant has been able to expand the company's client base as well as attract many talented professionals to Bluetube. 

He has attained multiple degrees including a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from The University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom where he graduated with honors. Grant has over twenty years of experience in IT ranging from being a developer, an architect, and being called on as a consultant. These experiences have enabled him to bring a variety of innovative ideas and exceptional leadership skills to Bluetube. 

Originally from the United Kingdom, Grant proudly became an American citizen in 2010; he is proficient in math, chemistry, physics, and computer science as well as being able to properly pronounce garage and aluminum.