About Matt Baker

Matt Baker, Solutions Architect at Bluetube, has been building creative solutions to solve complex business problems for more than 20 years. He has led and built teams for many organizations, from Fortune 100 companies to small startups while specializing in architecting and building desktop and web based applications. Using his diverse background and breadth of skills he has helped many organizations such as ESPN, Chick-fil-A, CNN, Sprint, UK based 3, AdvancEd, AutoTrader and many others achieve their goals.

Shortly after graduating from Auburn University with his Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree, Matt went to work for a small product company updating software to a newer technology. Matt then went on to work for a large telecommunications provider. While in this position, Matt grew his architecture skills and eventually helped set the vision for the next generation application architecture. Since then, he’s helped both small and large organizations implement complex technological and creative solutions.

Matt also has spent a portion of his career as a management consultant where he was able to hone his business skills. Combining both his technical and management knowledge, he has the unique ability to bring these two together and create innovative technical and business solutions.

Matt currently lives in Atlanta with his wife and two boys. Matt is also an avid photographer and despite growing up in the south, loves playing hockey.