Two Xamarin University Changes You Need to Know About


On October 15 Xamarin University will be implementing a new certification process. We've put together a quick summary of the two most important changes. 

1. Initial Certification is now focused on Xamarin.Forms

2. Recertification is now an elective-based class model.


Initial Certification Changes

The initial exam will now be focused on Xamarin.Forms. You'll still take basic iOS and Android introductory classes, but about half of the curriculum will now be centered around Xamarin.Forms. Xamarin is implementing this change to reflect the growing trend of developers who are building Forms apps and then created platform-specific components only when necessary. It reinforces Xamarin's commitment to the continued maturation of Xamarin.Forms as a strong development choice.

Recertification Process

Once certified, developers will no longer have to take the exam to recertify. Instead, you'll stay active by taking six classes during your certification year. These classes are a combination of mandatory courses and electives. This change will allow developers to focus on the skills and concepts important to the specific work they do, while maintaining critical Xamarin knowledge.

These changes take place October 15, so developers currently working on the certification have to finish their course work before that date, or start over down the new track. If you want to see the specific course changes, the old track can be found here and the new track can be found here.

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