Event Management App

EventPoint needed to improve and enhance an existing app that required extensive effort to customize for each use.

The app needed to function seamlessly so that EventPoint could efficiently tailor it to an individual conference on short notice, with a long-range goal to have one app that could be customized and re-used for hundreds of different conferences throughout the year. The app also needed to be able to handle large amounts of content like schedules, speaker information, venue details, maps and more.

The solution was to create a dynamic, complex app using Xamarin.Forms, which allowed for template-driven screens that could be easily re-used by pulling data from a content management system. The benefits of using Xamarin.Forms were the native, customizable experience, the ability to handle large amounts of content, and the shared code base for efficient cross-platform development.

The integration of Xamarin.Forms with EventPoint's existing CMS resulted in a powerful app that not only functioned well, but also became easy for EventPoint to build and customize to its clients.

  • Managed data and content from 300+ sessions
  • Offered real-time data gathering methods
  • 2,000+ attendees had a central information source

Platforms We Used