Responsive Website

Flux needed a better way to engage clients while providing its sales team with streamlined access to sales materials.

We created a completely responsive design to make the Flux website easy to view and navigate across all devices. The website focused on providing tools for convenient, day-to-day information gathering to aid in efficient decision making.

The website also provided commonly used conversions, easy access to Flux brochures, and an immediate way for a customer to engage in conversation with a sales team member. For instance, the website gave users the ability to send a meeting request from any device, enabling a Flux representative to instantly contact the user.

This solution not only provided a better user experience, but also another access point for the Flux sales team, streamlining internal and external communication as well enhancing Flux's sales process.

  • Creative sales and engagement tool
  • Improved user experience
  • New external access points for sales reps

Platforms We Used