Kimberly-Clark Apex
Mobile Sales Process App

The Global Scientific Division of Kimberly-Clark is a high-growth field sales team that needed to streamline its sales cycle. We built a custom iPad app (Apex) that was able to manage the entire sale process – owning the cycle from initial assessment to closure.

Keeping the client engaged throughout was a key component, so the Apex app featured the unique ability for each sales rep to build a project-specific, client-facing microsite, without any technical expertise, right from the iPad. This empowered the sales team to take a consultative approach with each customer, deepening relationships and opportunities.

Since implementing this app, Kimberly-Clark’s Global Scientific Division has been able to leverage more internal resources and realize millions of dollars in additional revenue. The ability to scale this solution across the organization has allowed the sales team to interact on a higher level with complete mobility and transparency.

  • A mobile app that turns reps into consultative sellers
  • The app leverages internal resources that have earned millions more in revenue
  • Scalable, transparent and mobile

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