MicroActive Share

We created the cloud-based MicroActive Share application for Micromeritics to increase accessibility to an existing desktop scientific analysis program.

The existing program was powerful, but inconvenient to access and expensive to deploy. The program had to be purchased and installed on individual computers, preventing cost-effective use among researchers and students.

MicroActive Share is an economical, cloud-based solution that incorporates interactive components. It provides a forum to collaborate, debate and innovate without compromising powerful data analysis capabilities.

Users can still run data in a protected, encrypted program utilizing all of the complex equations needed to chart accurate results. They can also join an online community of scientists to selectively share data, ask questions and test theories, all within the program.

By bringing researchers together online, MicroActive Share is accelerating the scientific discovery process.

  • Cloud-based scientific application
  • The app provided a new way for scientists to connect and share data
  • The new community allows for insights and scientific discovery to happen faster